Choosing A Necklace And Pendant For Yourself Or Anyone


choosing a necklace


Choosing a necklace and pendant is like the masterpiece in every fashion style, it adds more style and attractiveness to your outfit. One unique feature your jewelry has is that it beautifies your appearance, even when you are on casual dress, its unique touch remains exceptional on everyone’s glance.

Necklace and pendant have been an outstanding upper jewel for everyone, including women. Sometimes, some people find it difficult choosing a necklace or pendant. Because they don’t take time to balance the fact to know which necklace that suit a pendant or vice versa. Never mind, you are covered, I will let you know the things you should have in mind. While choosing a necklace or pendant for your self or anyone, like your loved ones, mum, sister, aunt, or father.

Jewelry stands out to be a good present for anyone. when you give people jewelry you share a better place in their heart and their memory. Because you present a true value of emotion, care, love, etc, to them. But, there is a phenomenon that happens between sexes. Most times females find it difficult choosing a necklace or pendant for the male, sometimes they end up with unisex neckwear. Some males don’t get the pinch. Moreover, they go for classic jewels to make it astonishing. In all, women need a jewel that best complements their style of fashion.


Choosing A Necklace For Yourself

While trying to choose a necklace for yourself, the fact that determines the type of necklace or pendant you choose is your budget. It determines if you going for a simple or a classic jewel. However, you have to take note of your size for the length of the necklace. The best way to get your perfect measurement is to; get a sizable mirror, a thin rope or thread, a tape. Then hang the mirror on the wall, if it is not already hanged, or you can keep it on a table then sit to take the measurement.

If you are choosing a long necklace, then get a lengthy rope, hold both ends then cross it on your neck. So, adjust the rope from one end, while facing the mirror, once you achieve your desired length. Use one hand to hold the point, be cautious of the point then take it out and cut off the adjustment you did. Measure the rope using tape, the inches you get will be, the inches of your future necklace. Do the same if you want a medium length, small length or a choker.

If you are going for a chain necklace instead of a chord. Then you need to consider the hole of your pendant. If you a buying a separate pendant, consider getting a chain before a pendant. So, you will have the right chain for the pendant.

Things to have in mind while choosing a necklace

Do not get a thin chain if you buying a large pendant. Because of a thin chain cannot suit a large pendant, and it will be worn off or broken easily. A thin chain is best for a small pendant. But, don’t choose a long thin chain, with a small pendant, it may seem out of fashion idea, or may not suit well. Choose a medium width chain for a large pendant, it gives the perfect fit.

Choose the color that rhymes, don’t choose a design that gets lost with your cloth color. if you a considering getting a long chain, consider getting a yellow gold, it gets more notice on any dress color. Also, get a pendant that suits it.

It is good you pick a flexible chain; choosing a round chain is ideal because it will suit your pendant better than a flat chain. Sometimes, flat chains don’t suit every pendant, and they are the best wear without a pendant. Also, pay attention to the brand, some manufacturers can measure in different inches and mm. So, it good you pay attention to their measurement.

Women Necklace


choosing a necklace


As a woman, there are things you need to consider before choosing a necklace. Your career sometimes defines your outfit, so you have to consider it. However, outside your career, before you buy any length of a necklace you have to consider your height, your face shape and also the size of your breasts. These are the things to look at. If you have large breasts, long chains will not fit comfortably with a pendant. It will be more reasonable to go for a medium length chain to complement your style.

If you are 5.4 ft or below in height, a necklace above 20 inches will seem too long, choosing a short length necklace will be amazing for you. But, don’t choose a choker if want to wear your chain along with a pendant, the minimum should be 16 inches and a maximum of 20 inches. Your face shape helps you to determine the best necklace curve for you. Moreover, if you are a tall woman with orange-like boobs, a long necklace will fit good as well. Check out some affordable women’s necklaces.


Men Necklace


men chain


Medium and long length necklace is usually the rhyme for men. Avoid choosing a thin width necklace, go for something bold and noticeable. Also, avoid a choker, the minimum length a male necklace should be is 18 inches. But, if your neck is wide enough, take a measurement that will fall within the middle of your chest. If you insist on a choker, choose a choker that gives little or enough space.


Choosing A Pendant For Yourself



A pendant standout on it on own, all you have to choose is size, design, type. You can choose a simple pendant or you can go for classically made pendants, it can be exotic ones like diamond, gold, silver decorated with precious stone or pearl. Avoid choosing a pendant that is too heavy for your chain. A small pendant will fit with a short-chain.

Always choose a design that suits you, a pendant designed for men cannot give a woman a perfect fit. A simply designed pendant in the form of flower, heart, round-shape will fit a woman better than animal design pendant. Men are more fitted with animal design, objects or signs, and symbol pendant.


Choosing a necklace or pendant for anyone

choosing a necklace

If you want to present a perfect necklace to anyone, is a good idea you have their measurement. But, if you want it to be a surprise, you can take your time to look for a person who has a similar height, face shape, and body size. Take the person measurement, use it in choosing a necklace for them. Whether you are buying a short, medium, or long necklace, you will come up with a perfect size for them.

But, is good you consider their age and career as well while choosing a necklace. old people may tend to dislike medium width chains, they likely prefer a thin width chain or a chord or you can consider a bead necklace for old women. A thin width chain is best for children. Moreover, medium width chain and long chains don’t fit well for office workers, getting a thin width and short length chain will be the best present to them.

Get a pendant that goes down well with their age, career, your relationship with them. You can customize the pendant by asking a jeweler to engrave your thought or their name on it. Choose a pendant that is colorful and suitable for anyone you are presenting it to.



Choosing a necklace or a pendant will be easier for you now. Because you know how to determine your necklace length and also that of others. Once you have made your budget for a necklace or pendant you will be to choose the one that suits you best.

Tip: After you have taken your measurement, always pay attention to the size of the chain available in any brand. Sometimes, the measurement may differ, if you are buying online check if the available length matches with yours.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning that a pendant can stand out on its own and all you have to do is choose the size, design, and type. I’m considering looking at gemstone pendants next month because I might get a necklace for my wife’s birthday celebration at our favorite restaurant. I think it’s a good investment to shop from a reputable company that has the size, shape, and design that would look nice on my wife.

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