How To Wear Necklaces With A Gorgeous Outfits

How to wear necklaces doesn’t sound like a big deal, because many think that they can wear any necklace they want as long as, their outfit is bright and attractive. But, the fact is that they have not taken their time to know how to wear necklaces and find out which outfit works best for any necklace. And, that makes me ask myself, can “I wear necklaces anyhow”? For me, the answer is just, hell no.

Because sometimes I will wear a necklace on an outfit. So, guess what happens, the necklace will not be noticed, oh gosh!!! What, I call it trash, because it makes me struggle with my outfits. I know many women have gone through this same scenario. That’s why am making this article to help them overcome disappointment like I did.

I will like you to understand that it is not all about wearing necklaces. But it is all about how to wear necklaces. That why many fashion-minded ladies, will always ask, how do I wear my necklaces? They are asking in other to get perfect answers from fashion gurus who always make their outfits to be around fashion headlines.

Many women want to know “what type of necklaces to wear”. Because they know that fashion embodies compatibility. So, they want to know which fashion style workout best with different kind of necklaces out there. However, not all fashion styles are compatible with neck jewelry. That is to say, they want to wear necklaces that best suit their clothes designs and style. Well, this article will help you know how to wear necklaces, and you will understand which necklaces work best for every outfits and clothes.


Statement necklaces

There are a lot of varieties of statement necklaces both in styles and designs, the most outstanding is the “Vintage and Boohoo”. One thing I admire so much about statement necklaces is that they can suit any hairstyle. I found them to be non-selective when it comes to hairstyles. Moreover, there are two ways to make them noticeable with your fashion style if you chose to wear them. Having said this, let’s look at how to wear statement necklaces with a dressy outfit.

How to wear vintage statement necklaces

However, the best way to make a great outfit while wearing a vintage necklace is to stay away from bold earrings. Anyway, If you can’t do without an earring, unlike me – then, you can choose a more dominating vintage necklace along with a subtle earring.

how to wear necklaces

For me I like keeping things simple, I feel more comfortable when my necklace relaxes on my skin than on my cloth. So, anytime I choose to wear my vintage necklaces, I prefer wearing a strapless dress or top that is colorful. Because that’s what I need to keep things alluring.

how to wear necklaces


What are the best shoe styles for vintage necklaces?

how to wear necklaces | high heel for vintage necklaces

This is where some women need to pay attention, as well. I can’t stop cherishing the elegancy when I put on an exotic high heel. With a vintage necklace around my neck — you can give it some twist with an ankle boot.

 how to wear necklaces with high heel boots

How to wear necklaces | Choker statement necklaces

Statement chokers are amazing if you wish to keep things close and fashionable. You will have to pay close attention to your hairstyle; it is ideal to consider color here, don’t wear a choker statement that has the same color with your hair color. In clarity, you can choose a multi-color choker to suit well. Otherwise, you can make your hair length to be short.

How can I dress wearing a statement choker?

I like exploring styles with my outfits, but I make sure I don’t lose attractiveness. Once your fashion is attractive and outstanding from other outfits, then you nailed it. A short dress with a bright color and sneakers footwear or a boot maybe Prada will give you nice complementary. Ensure you avoid a short dress that has a collar.


Boohoo statement necklaces

Tribal inspired tassel necklace

Passing some vibe to your fashion can be a great way to present your thoughts with your outfit. Boohoo statement necklaces give a strong backup to boohoo fashion style and make it look sophisticated in all ramifications. You can keep things simple and stylish with a long gown with straps or a loose blouse with a long skirt. A rope sandal is what you need if you want to keep things simple, but stylish.


Floral statement necklaces

Floral Statement Necklace - Boom, Boom, Bloom Statement Necklace: This golden statement necklace is about as bold as it gets! Glimmering dusty aqua faux gemstones form eye-catching flowers on this fabulous piece, filling your look with can’t-miss-it flair. #StatementJewelry #StatementNecklace #Jewelry #necklace

I do like the vibrancy in floral statement necklaces, looking classy is what you should crave for. It is a simple go-to statement necklace for your work commute, wearing a tank top with a blazer that goes down well with your floral statement necklaces. In addition, a leather skirt and flat shoes are what you need for the best chic fit.


Now let’s take a glance on how to wear some other necklaces —

How to wear lariat necklaces

Lariat necklaces can be adjusted to a choker or you can keep it at the full length, I prefer keeping it at full length to make it classy and noticeable with any outfit I twist it with. Moreover, I can twist my outfit in two ways – a short dress with a leather jacket and over the knee boot. Just let the jacket open for your outfit to look more attractive. Otherwise, a preppy fashion style can be an ideal outfit with lariat necklaces.

How to wear matinee necklaces

To make your outfit more enchanting and alluring, you have to go for a loosely knitted v-neck top. However, a v-neck blouse or dress will all make an attractive outfit. I have the best way I think, you can appear dressier with a matinee necklace. Wearing a loosely fitted knit v-neck with a mini skirt and a heel ankle boot will gain you a lot of compliments.

How to wear collar necklaces

Collar necklaces are not that dominant. But, if at all you want to trend a unique outlook, I think is a good option. You can make it glamorous by wearing shirt but you have to keep things noticeable. So, you don’t have to fully button-up your shirt, short denim skirt or short will do the job with a flat boot to make your outfit more unique.


How to wear opera necklaces

Take an extra step with lengthy stylish opera necklaces, if you are very much attracted to lengthy necklaces. Opera necklaces are the best to suit your passion. You can wear a knit turtle neck top with skinny leather pants, and over the knee boot, they will be a perfect match for opera necklace.

You don’t have to settle for less on how to wear necklaces, always dive and explore the amazement in twisting your outfit. With all kinds of necklaces with different lengths and styles. However, you have to maintain a good fit, if your dress is not well fitted to your body shape it might not give you the perfect attractive. So, try and make your outfit fit your body shape, and match your necklaces, as well. For the best gorgeous outlook, always stay fashionable, let your outfit and your necklaces drive awesome compliment for you.

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