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To be a good pole dancer you must work on your body, giving your body all the attention it deserves. Pole dancing requires you to have and maintain a moisturize skin, having a good moisturize skin enable beginners practice fine. And avoid any form of injury that may seem discouraging to them. Like the saying, first impression matter so much. So, having a good skin grip is a one factor for rod dance. If your skin seem not too good, as a result you experience poor grip, like most pole dancers experience lose of grip.

However, most pole dancers are mindful of their skin. they make sure their skin is moisturize even when they are not poling, their goal is to have a healthy skin for pole dancing that keep them going. So, You have to take the necessary measure requires to improve your skin grip, if you happens to notice that your skin has lose some grip, is very necessary to improve it, so to maintain a moisturize skin that grips better.

There are different ways to improve your skin when it loses grip. If you are struggling with poor gripping, you have to understand what your problem is, maybe your skin is too dry or your skin is a oily, a greasy skin will prevent you from being able to grip the pole. But, dry skin will cause you slipping from the pole. these are the thing you should check before you seek for a better grip. Also, you have to consider your skin type, the nature of your skin matters, because it enable you find a good product that give you the needed touch.

Pole Dancing Skin Improvement Routine:

  • Not all skin care products are good for you, there are skin care product for poling that enable good gripping for you skin. Using the right products is all that matters. Avoid skin product that can’t keep your body moisturize, go for product that has ingredients which offer deep thick moisture. Some product don’t give deep moisture to you skin, they on sit on your skin and make you feel moisturize. But, when you start sweating they goes off and make your body to drys up.


  • Exfoliating is a good way to avoid lose of grip, pole dancing requires avoiding having dry skin. Exfoliating once a week will remove off those dead skin cells that sit on the the top layer of your body. As result, of exfoliating your skin, you there are great chances that your body grip naturally. A loofah sponge works better, anyway using scrub or bathing glove works as well.


  • Moisturize you hand to enable you grip better. Sometime you palm might be the problem, so your hand really need to soften up and also avoid sweating palm. You need a good palm moisturizer that can stop the sweating and also give you a better grip for rod dance.


  • Consider wetting your body before applying any moisturizer, because your body maybe dry. And if you happens to apply a moisturizer on a dry body, your skin will dry it of and will not provide you the need skin grip for the rod performing art. So, wetting up your body before applying any moisturizer is a good routine, for you to have the best rod performing art experience.

Health Tips To Help Improve Skin To Grip For Rod dance:

  • Avoid dehydration, try to maintain good level of hydration every day. Good hydration keeps your skin moisturize. And help you maintain good body grip for pole dancing.


  • Avoid smoking, because, smoking tend to decreases circulation to the vessels in the skin. Decreasing the flow of oxygen, vitamins and nutrients and also damages collagen and elastin.


  • Eating enough fruit help your body to build up. Vitamins and mineral that enables your body to grip. So, is good your eat a lot of fruits to enable your skin heal bruise fast, if there happen to be any.


  • Avoid eating food that contains much oil, to keep a good skin that enable you performs better. You have to be mindful of eating food that contains a lot of fats and oil. Because, it will cause your skin to lose grip, and will not do you good.


  • Consider bathing with warm water over hot water. Hot water tend to dry up the moisture that you skin has build up. Also, heat condition is not good for your skin, protect yourself from sun burn.


Buy Skin Products Meant For Rod Dancers

Some moisture products are oily. And are not good for your skin, not that they are not a good product. But, they tend to offer poor grip for pole dancing body, and they end up making your skin feel greasy. So, go for lotion that moisturizes and pulls water into the skin and holds it there. Lotion that are capable to works into the deeper layers of the skin and help to prevent or heals bruises


More Tip

Also, consider practicing some gripping techniques all the time. To enable your forearm to improve and grip better.


In conclusion, you need to properly work on your skin. Some people prefer shaving or waxing as their own skin routing to have the best terminal dancing skin grip. But, everyone is not same, it depend on the problem you are having, and that is what will determines the solution to take, for you to have your desired rod dancing skin. Also, some may prefer to work on their muscles, to achieve the best gripping saltation body. However, if notice poor skin pole dancing grip, i think there are excellent products to help you have the best skin grip for poling.



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