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The beauty brand “SUNDAY RILEY” was caught behind the scenes said to be “Sunday Riley Dirt”. However, the beauty firm was caught mandating their employees to write positive reviews. About their two product [Space Race Fight Acne Kit and Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask] on Sephora’s website. To enable them boost their sales and get ride off honest reviews that can thwart their sales.

Sunday Riley scandal took the stage when a social media user. Who claimed to be a former employee of the firm, created a scene on Reddit social website. The user said, “Sunday riley is an awful place to work, back in October 2018 they wrote fake reviews on Sephora website. And  the firm asked their employees to do so with fake ip address”.

The user wrote that the act was initiated by, Sunday Riley herself and the head of sales. Also, showed an attachment email sent to the employees of the firm, which demanded and directed staffers to write reviews for the brand’s Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask and Space Race Fight Acne Kit. After the, Sunday Riley scandal had occurred, two days later the firm downplayed the post and disassociated themselves from such unlawful act. So, they posted a comment in response to a post by beauty industry watchdog estee Laundry on their instagram handle.

On the other hand, complaint was filed to FTC on different occasions earlier. Also, about the Sunday Riley scandal, the complaint stated how Sunday riley firm violated the provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Act.

The FTC investigated the complaint. However, the Sunday Riley firm was questioned over the scandal. Before the FTC charged the brand and the CEO and founder of the firm with two ‘violations’. False advertising and fake review fraud. Because of failure to disclose connections with endorsers.

Moreover, FTC has issued a statement to settle the fracas. So, the settlement includes no redress, no surrender of ill-gotten gains, no notice to consumers, and no admission of fouls. Sunday Riley and its CEO have clearly broken the law, and the Commission has ordered that they not break the law again.

Above all, FTC is taking drastic measure to make sure the act do not repeat again, further more, to protect the law and ensure that other firm, who follows the FTC rule are not victim. Also, to make sure that firms do not step on bad legacy, anyone that does it must be caught. In other to avoid consumers or customers bad experience, Sunday Riley scandal is a big lesson for everyone.

Review should strictly base on buyers or user experience, and not meant to be manipulated in anyway for selfish purposes. So, firms who got bad reviews have to think on a good way to improve their products to meet customer need. If a product fails to meet customers need, the product should be trash by market or anyone who tend to promote it.

Every promoter and firm have to ensure that, people don’t waste their hard earned money. Buying products that won’t solve their problem. We have method through which we make sure that product we promote meet our visitors need and solve their problems. And make them happy at the end. Making visitors or customers happy is key to excellent business. Because, business requires transparence and trust to enable it grow.

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